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Automation Engineer, Future Talent 2018

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Дата размещения: 19 июня 2018 г. 13:49:40
Компания: Tetra Pak, Московская область
Опыт работы: Менее года
Тип занятости: 8-часовой рабочий день с пн по пт
Специальности: Добыча / Производство / Инженерные специальности, Информационные технологии

Job Profile:
► Create, develop, test, and support factory automation systems that enable manufacture leading edge by being a digital leader
► You will work with production process teams to create integrated software standards and processes and tools to get better quality and efficient control of production processes
► Develop solutions that will make the operations safer and more efficient by using on data science and analytics, automation and internet of things (IoT) in day to day operations
► Use digital tools to make step-change improvements in equipment reliability and condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
► Utilise, in conjunction with process controls, the big data analysis to drive increase in productivity and quality of output


Qualification and experience:
► An engineering degree in any discipline e.g. Mechanical, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, or Industrial Engineering, etc. 
► Preference will be given to those having taken courses or papers on robotics, statistics, fluid dynamics, software, internet technology, etc.
► A solid understanding of computer programming as well as controllers programming  & software development will be an advantage
► Candidates should have deep analytical thinking and be digitally curious
► You should have passed your final year degree examination not earlier than two years ago.